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Bentonite, Badlands, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada


This flowing earth
Which rain does melt
And sun does bake
To make a hide
A flesh so tough
Naught but steel
Can break its skin

And like the earth
I’m toughening
To love’s torment
I keep it out
Pretense: content

But even steel
Can’t cleave my soul
And never could
Through toughest hide
I feel my heart

So soon enough
I’ll find my way
To safety’s arms
Then shed this skin
To let you in

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Dusk Falls, Chesterman Beach, Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

No Safer Place

In the falling dusk
With the tide well out
I feel secure
In the tungsten warmth
Crackling firelight
Plays off the walls
Which shiver and creak
When the storm gusts come

No safer place
Than a chair by the glass
Rain pelting the panes
Droplets running into lines
Refracting dying light
Journal in hand
The lamp set low
Raise my glass of red
To waves rumbling on the sand