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Sunset Silhouette, Athabasca Glacier, Rocky Mountains, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada-Edit copy

Rock ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #110

A trail through loose stone scattered
Gouged from mountains, crushed by time and ice, now at rest
Here I, immersed in the hiker’s mindful peace
Each measured step a meditative breath

Though, could I see
The immensity of time
With the eyes of this still young Earth

Then peaceful moment lost
Turmoil and cataclysm of tumbling land

And in those eyes, what am I?

But a mote of dust
Lost to infinity

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Ribbon of Highway, Okanagan Highway 97, From Oyama Lake Road, Lake Country,, British Columbia, Canada


I like to turn the radio off
Let the silence fall upon the car
Let the experience of driving
Transcend the noise
Otherwise in the background

I hear pavement’s texture
Know the coarse and the smooth
From the form of a wave in my ear
I feel it
Transferred from tires
To frame
To chassis
To the wheel beneath my hands
The pedal and floor beneath my feet
The seat enveloping my body

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Contemplating Turmoil, Nairn Falls Provincial Park, Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada

Contemplation ~ Pic and a Word Challenge #103

Contemplating the turmoil
Roiling in my head
I notice a point
Centre of the storm
Centre of my being
Around which all
The turbulence pivots

There’s calm there
I fight my way toward it
Seeking the source of such peace
But bucked and buffeted
By the tumult
I make no headway
In the intensifying storm