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Rollling Hills, The Mereenie Loop, Near Gosse Bluff, Northern Territory, Australia

The Wide Ochre Land

I’ve heard it famously referred to as the wide brown land, but to me it is an expanse of ochre and red, tones more descriptive of its character. Australia is a rich land, but not overly saturated. Intense, but not glaring. One goes to ground here, becomes part of the earth, lives at a walker’s pace. Immersed in a hot bath of air, the heat fills my lungs, reddens my flesh, soothes my spirit.

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WordPress Photo Challenge: ROY G. BIV

It began with a drive down the Sea-to-Sky Highway, returning to Vancouver from Whistler. While still in the mountains, I shot The Tantalus Range from Cheakamus Canyon, just off the highway. Further along, after passing through Squamish, the light was pretty awesome all along Howe Sound, so I pulled off at Britannia Beach by the old Customs House to look for some landscape/seascape photo opportunities. I may yet get a few images out of that, but it wasn’t until I was on my way back to the car, ready to head off, that I noticed the sailboat. The sailboat is where this story begins.